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  • Do you (or someone you know) ever self-harm when feeling overwhelmed?
  • Does a friend or family member self-harm as a way to cope with their problems?
  • Are you concerned because you suspect someone you care for is self-harming but you don’t know how to address this with them?
  • Would You Like To Uncover The Warning Signs To Discover If A Family Member Is Cutting Or Self-Injuring!

If you answered YES to any question above, you need to keep reading.

Here’s why:

Because I’m going to tell you how to overcome the urge to self-harm so that you, or a person you love, will Never Again harm themselves as a way to get through life’s challenges.

  • Are you lost and DON’T KNOW what to do because you or a loved one is harming themselves?
  • Wondering how to HELP them (or yourself)?
  • Wondering what TO DO TO MAKE THEM (or yourself) STOP?
  • Do you feel embarrassed and don’t know WHERE TO TURN?

Did you answer YES to any or all of these?

Well, many parents of self-harmers and people who self-harm also answered yes to these questions and feel this way.

People who self-harm can feel caught and trapped and need the right answers to make positive progress in changing this behaviour.

In understanding Self-Harm
there are 2 things you should know:

  1. You are not alone
    Self harm is quite common, especially among young people. One recent study showed that as many as 15% of young people self-harm at some point. Also, many people self-harm in private and never seek treatment or tell anyone (the worst kind). So the figures may actually be much higher.
  2. You’ve definitely come to the right place!
    As a Natural Therapist, when I discovered my friend’s daughter was cutting, I took it upon myself to learn all that I could about this condition and undertook several years of research to become an expert in this field. And now I want to share this information with YOU.

Let’s look at some facts first:

What is Deliberate Self-Harm?

Deliberate Self-Harm (also known as Self-Injury, Self-Mutilation or Cutting) is when a person deliberately inflicts physical harm on themselves. This is most commonly done in secret and often without anyone else knowing.

The intensity will vary in degree, but extreme cases can even appear like a suicide attempt, but may not mean that someone wants to end their life. It’s more a cry out for attention and/or a way of controlling some other ‘pain’ in their lives.

Some examples include cutting, burning, scratching, biting or hitting themselves. It can also include, pulling hair out and picking at wounds on your skin.

Most commonly, Deliberate Self-Harm is a behaviour that is used to cope with difficult or painful feelings.

Why do people deliberately harm themselves?

Studies of this condition show one of the mail reasons for self-harm is to control emotional issues that have welled up inside as a result of bad life experiences and relationships. Common triggers for the condition include:

  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Victim of bullying or discrimination
  • Lost someone close to them, such as a parent, brother, sister or friend
  • Broken up with a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Experienced a serious illness or disability that affects their self-esteem negatively
  • Problems with family, school or peer groups

An important fact is that Cutting or Self Harm is a VERY COMMON condition much more common than people realize.

But it’s often hidden by the people doing it to themselves, so not many may know about it.

However it’s an INSIDIOUS BEHAVIOUR and needs addressing sooner rather than later as it can become quite dangerous.

The cause is almost entirely underlying emotional reasons.

However the behaviour

can become an ADDICTION
and very hard to stop if left unchecked

In fact, many of those who get caught up in it describe it as an addiction they can’t get out of.

Many Want To Stop But Simply Don’t Know How!!

Everybody has emotional issues. The vast majority of people live their entire lives in a constant battle with their own mind and their own behaviors.

But people prone to Self-Harm take the extra step of hurting themselves in order to deal with their PAIN.

We carry with us ‘emotional baggage’ that needs addressing in one way or another .and SELF-HARMING is an outlet to try to deal with this an end result if you like.


  • Self-Harm Can Be Stopped!
  • The Behavior Can Be Changed!

I Am Forever In Debt to You

Discovering a family member self-mutilating is not easy for anyone, and it wasn’t for me, I can tell you. Your guide helped me understand the roots of the problem and allowed us to address it at the core to make a change. I am excited to say, with guidelines from your excellent book, that we managed to get our beloved daughter to realise there was no future in what she was doing. I just don’t know where I would be without your sage advice. Thanks so much. I am forever in debt to you for your help.

Lyn Brown


This condition mainly afflicts children, and mostly pre-teenagers and teenagers.

However adults are definitely affected too.

For some children and adults, self-harm can become so entangled in their lives that they feel that it’s the only thing keeping them from a complete breakdown.

They feel they need it. And the desire to do it to themselves is VERY REAL.

They use it as a crutch to support their emotional patterns and to focus attention back on themselves.

Cutting becomes so entangled in their life, almost a dependency, that most don’t even to try to give it up.

It’s easier for them to Control The Pain Through Cutting than to face the reality of what is causing the pain and eliminate that pain through other means.

So cutting becomes their control mechanism wherever they feel hurt in any way. And it not only affects the person doing it, but their family and loved ones who support them as well.

Have you seen this situation before??

Well I have in my many years of counselling!! I have seen it, dealt with it, and researched it. I have learned a lot about it over the last few years.

Melanie Wilson  
Melanie Wilson
Natural Therapist and Counselor
Treating people for Emotional Issues for over 8 years

Hi, my name is Melanie Wilson, and as a Natural Therapist and Counsellor for over eight years now, I have dealt with many patients that have emotional issues, and worked closely with them to treat their underlying causes afflicting their daily lives.

I have counselled parents with teens who were self-harming, working with them to address the needs of their kids on an emotional level with great success.

I discovered new ways to address their emotional issues so they could use that knowledge to implement change in their lives to stop them self-harming.


In the process learning about this behavior, I discovered that:

  • Many "harmers" DON’T WANT TO STOP – BECAUSE they’re Addicted!
  • Some DO WANT TO STOP But Don’t Know How!
  • When they DO STOP Many Return To Self-Harming The Minute Things Get Difficult Again!

Does this sound like you,
or someone you know ?

The reality is

Self-harming may allow a person to feel better temporarily but within a short period of time, the same feelings and underlying emotions return.

And when that happens often the Self-Harming returns !!!

And upon return, the emotions can become even more intense. They become more emotional and turn to dealing with it the way they know best, and that’s self-harming.

They end up caught in a roundabout of emotional pain followed by physical abuse.

It becomes One Big Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride – and a VERY scary one too.

Crossing between emotional hurt and self-harming they never get past ‘go’, and the merry-go-round of self-abuse goes on.

They appear genuinely addicted!

Vicious Cycle

They get caught in a Vicious Cycle, a Downward Spiral, that if not addressed, can do long term and permanent damage.

Both Physical Damage and Emotional Damage that can stay with them all their lives!! Not to mention leave ugly unsightly scars.

Who wants a life like that?

No one wants this! People need help to stop this behaviour. And the sooner, the better, for EVERYONE’S sake!

They don’t even realize it, but what they’re doing by self-harming is just a temporary solution. It doesn’t fix the root cause of the issue.

It just provides a temporary relief. But temporary is all it ever is!

If left untreated, it just continues and continues, eventually DESTROYING LIVES.

However, please understand – the cycle can be broken.

Understand that emotional pain is at the core of this behaviour. It needs to be addressed at the source for change to occur.

And the best way to defeat something is to FIRST learn all about it.

The First Step Is Knowledge

In addressing Self-Harm, we must understand:

  • Why self-harmers DO the things they do
  • Why they FEEL the way they do
  • HOW to help someone who may be cutting or self-harming
  • What treatment methods are available – which ones WORK and which DO NOT WORK.
  • How to BREAK FREE from this terrible “ADDICTION” and regain your life (or the life of someone close to you)

In order to break this sinister habit, one has to understand what is at the core of the problem. What emotions are underlying this and the reasons for those emotions being there in the first place.

We need to address the self-harmer’s feelings and work out what it is that is driving them to act this way.

We also need to arm ourselves with the correct knowledge for the best and most effective treatment for this behaviour.

With the right tools and knowledge we can make a difference. We can create psoitve change.

Would You Like To Eliminate Self-Harm
And Put A Stop To It Once And For All

I can show you how!

I can show you how to start eradicating this behavior finally.

You see one day, I learned my close friend’s daughter was doing this to herself. and I was really stunned!

I knew I had to learn all I could about self-harm to help my friend out.

The more I looked into the issue, the more widespread I found it was.

I knew many others out there must be going through what my friend and her husband were going through.

So I took it upon myself to do a lot a lot of research and I discovered all that I could.

But I didn’t really find a practical and comprehensive guide that was specifically geared to helping cutters and self-mutilators on the road to recovery.

So I collated all the knowledge that I had accumulated and learned over the years and 

…you know what I did?

I Decided To Write My Own Book
on the Subject

One that I knew would be helpful in all aspects for people affected by self-mutilation.

I took it on to learn as much as I could about this condition, carefully investigating this subject across a number of years and studying its effects on both patients and families.

And if you’re reading this far, you will know the effects can be devastating so I decided to help others the best way I knew how.

I wrote a COMPREHENSIVE e-BOOK packed to the brim with all the essential information people needed to know to better understand this distressing condition

I wrote it in a sensitive way, to help educate concerned parents, siblings, doctors, therapists and others about self-harm and its devastating effects.

This e-book will give you a THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING on the condition and show you how to put an end to the suffering.


A Complete And Comprehensive Guide,
Or What Has Been Consistently Regarded As The
#1 Ebook For Parents Of Kids Or Others Who
Self-Harm Or 'Cut' Themselves



And How To Put A Stop To It”

The Definitive Guide For
Self-Harmers, Parents & Friends

Order now for only $67

Do You Want Accurate Information On The
Subject So You Can FINALLY Do Something About It?

This comprehensive e-book contains everything you need to know RIGHT NOW to understand a condition that is foreign, and often frightening, to so many.

Let me give you an insight into the topics covered in my book. Inside I discuss things like:

  • How to cope with feelings like sadness, self-loathing, emptiness, guilt and rage without resorting to cutting or other self-harm behaviors
  • Why self-harm is often like slapping a Band-Aid on a wound that really needs stitches – and how you can get the help you need to once again enjoy life
  • How to talk about your cutting or self-harming or how to get others to talk about theirs with you
  • How to spot the warning signs in someone who is self-harming
  • Steps you can begin taking immediately to stop self-harming
  • How to figure out exactly WHY you or your loved one self-harms

And so much more

You should also know that there are a lot of myths out there about self-harm and it is important to be able to sort the chaff from the grain.

Luckily I have done that for you!

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn inside:

  • 9 common types of self-harm
    Yes there are at least 9!! You’ll know what to look for and how to identify each. Imagine how invaluable this could be in exposing a self-harmer
  • Who is more prone to be involved with self-harming?
    Discover if your child will be more susceptible to this condition.and why
  • 18 reasons people self-harm
    Want to know why people are self-harming so you can help put an end to it for good. Knowing this information in advance can help you stop it before it ever happens!
  • What exactly self-harm is and why so many people turn to it for relief?
    We explain in full exactly what is meant by self-harm and why it’s popular today as a form of 'emotional relief'
  • 15 harm reduction tips for self-harmers
    If you could help to minimise the actual harm they do, wouldn’t you?
  • Why it’s not just females who are self-harmers but males as well
    Yes – both sexes are affected by this condition.
  • The different ways men self-harm and how they hide it
    Suspect a male friend or loved one is self-harming? Then this will tell you EXACTLY what to look out for and offers great insight you CAN’T afford to be without
  • How to investigate therapists and determine which one is right for you or your loved one
    Finding the right person to help you is very important if you are to be successful. Don’t miss this useful information
  • What your rights as a self-harmer really are
  • How to best deal with the medical issues that come along with being a self-harmer
    Don’t be without this information especially if you have to go and see a doctor
  • How to prevent scars, how to deal with infections and even what you need to know about corrective cosmetic surgery.
    This is vitally important information NO parent of a self-harmer should be without
  • Why trying to prevent people from self-harming most often DOES NOT WORK
    Learn what’s most effective and What Is Not!
  • What you should do instead of trying to prevent someone from self-harming if you really want to keep them safe
    Learn the right approach and technique to have the best success
  • 20 ways to deal with and overcome the urge to self-harm
    Some of the most important things you should ever know about dealing with this condition. You won’t want to be without this information

Whew! That’s a Lot Already,
But there’s Even More.

  • When professional help should be sought
    Sometimes you might try to deal with this yourself, other times you really need outside help. Discover which is right for you
  • What to expect when visiting a doctor
    Be informed BEFORE you go to see any doctor. Talk to them with understanding and knowledge and you will get a lot more out of the visit
  • 3 types of therapy that may be recommended
    What you really need to know about each so you can make the right decision
  • 9 incredible tools that can help you in your recovery from self-harming
    An invaluable resource list greatly helping sufferers on the road to recovery
  • Why self-harming happens
    We’ll explore the best ways to get help for yourself or a loved one
  • 15 ways to support a friend or family member who is self-harming
    Discover what they are and what the real, sometimes shocking truth really is
  • The 7 common self-harming myths
    Discover what they are and what the real, sometimes shocking truth really is
  • Tips for covering up scars – plus, how to live with scars and not let others’ reactions upset you
    Don’t let ugly scars ruin the future of someone you love, bringing back sad memories of a darker time. These tips will make a better future for them
  • 20 ways to support a child who is self-harming
    You want to help your kid, right? Use this resource to do just that
  • And much, much more

'A Must Have Book'

See what PROFESSIONAL Health Workers are saying:

Julie Philips
Food Therapist, Oriental Medicine, and Kinesiologist 'WiseFood Education' Queensland, Australia

A Very Caring Yet Effective Approach To Her Work A Tremendous Effort

I know Melanie well as a Professional, and I can say she approaches her work diligently and passionatelybut most of all she has great empathy and compassion for her clients. She is truly a caring therapist, and you can assure yourself that if she puts her mind to writing a book to help others, then it’s a work worth getting.

Also the state-of-the-art audio tools she is offering for self-programming life changes are invaluable for anyone looking to make a transformation in their lives. A tremendous effort Melanie. I wish you well in your mission to provide relief and hope to those in need. I know they will benefit from your work.

Suzanne Grant
BAppSc(TCM) Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist 'Invitation To Health' Centre, NSW, Australia

Highly Recommend This Thorough Work Effort

Melanie has done a great job here leaving no stone uncovered. She is the ultimate professional and takes the well-being and health of her patients with the utmost passion. I HIGHLY recommend this thorough work for anyone looking to understand Self-Harm better and for those wanting to make a change to their lives.

A great effort. Well done Melanie.

Anyone Who Is Involved With Self Harm Should Get This Book

Melanie has created an excellent book and audio package here. Anyone who is involved with self-harm should get this book. I know it will be extremely useful to families who are sadly affected by this behaviour. But as Melanie shows, there is a way out and I recommend this book and audios to help you achieve this goal. Worth every penny and you have a lot to gain by trying it out.

Gillian Love 
Reiki Master
Gold Coast

If you want to understand this behavior in detail and put a stop to it, this guide will really help you.

“Understanding Self Harm and How to Stop It” gives you all the very best advice and information on cutting and self-harming in one easy-to-use resource.

It’s a valuable resource that may well change the life of someone you know.

Everything You Need To Know In One Place

Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know – in one convenient, inexpensive e-book?

Realistically I could charge over $80 for the information in this book given all the research I did for it, and it would be worth every penny!

But I am NOT going to charge that!

I have had many clients tell me they found the book alone extraordinarily useful!

More Than Just A Book

In addition to this useful guide, I wanted to DO MORE.

Reading a book is great and a good first step.

But…I wanted to offer some additional tools to help sufferers STOP cutting and self-harming and create a better life for themselves.

I wanted to offer tools that would make the necessary changes EASIER .

Relaxation, Meditation, Affirmations

So in addition to my book that I know you are going to love (because that’s the feedback I am getting!), I developed 4 UNIQUE specifically designed meditation audio sessions, only available here at this site, created to help Self-Harmers change their ways and create a better life.

These Guided Meditation Audios were designed, created and scripted BY ME specifically for people involved with SELF HARM.

These 4 products have proven to be incredibly useful in aiding people afflicted by self-harm.

Stopping Self-Harm Guided Self-Programming Audio Session

Our Guided Self-Programming Session Will Counter Conscious And Subconscious Beliefs For Self-Harming, Setting In Place The Process To Stop Self Harm Forever

30 minute session (Downloadable MP3, for music players, iPod, iPad, iPhone/Smart Phone, PC’s or burn to CD)

Build Self-Esteem Guide Self-Programming Audio Session

End The Destructive Emotions Of Low Self-Esteem That Are Invariably Linked To Self-Harm. Being A More Confident Person Will Counter The Desire For Self-Harm

This Session Is For Raising Self-Esteem And Confidence, Eliminating Hurt, And Letting Go Of The Past.

30 minute session (Downloadable MP3, for music players, iPod, iPad, iPhone/Smart Phone, PC’s or burn to CD)

100 Positive Affirmations For Increasing Self -Confidence

100 Powerful, Positive Affirmations To Build Self Confidence. These Can Be Repeated At Will Anywhere Anytime.

A Very Powerful Source For Re-Training And Reprogramming The Mind To Accept New Ideals For Self-Belief

16 minute session (Downloadable MP3, for music players, iPod, iPad, iPhone/Smart Phone, PC’s or burn to CD)

Relax To The Max

Calm The Mind And Let Go Of Stress And Anxiety In This Blissful Relaxation Audio.

Drift Away As Your Mind Reaches The Neural Waves Of A Buddhist Monk To Ease Troublesome Worries And Tensions That might Be Affecting Your Thoughts And Judgements

45 minute session (Downloadable MP3, for music players, iPod, iPad, iPhone/Smart Phone, PC’s or burn to CD)


Listen to them on your iPod, iPad, iPhone or smart phone, on your laptop, or burn to CD and put in your stereo player.

So Why The Meditation/Relaxation
Audios As Well??

That’s a really good question. But there is a very good reason.. and here’s why…

My research into this topic showed those who learned Relaxation and Meditation and used Positive Affirmations had a good chance of turning this condition around. Not to mention learning useful skills that they could use for the rest of this lives.

I found that:

Guided Meditations and Positive Affirmations can make tremendous differences to people who are willing to stop their destructive way of life and start afresh!

Armed with information, I knew how positive it would be to offer these in addition to my book, and had to include them.

The 3 cores emotions that underlie this condition are Emotional Attachment (to pain of past sufferings), Self Esteem and Self Confidence.

By concentrating on Removing Emotional Blockages that leads to Self-Harm, and focus on building Self Esteem and Confidence we can build strength in personality so sufferers can kick the habit and re-live life again!

In designing the audio sessions I specifically targeted the following areas to best address the needs of self-harmers with a view to finally putting a stop to their behaviour.

So the programs I developed all centered on these sentiments:

  • Coping With Emotional Pain
  • Raising Self Esteem
  • Beating Depression
  • Letting Go Of Anger
  • Releasing The Past

In creating the audios, we utilized some leading edge 21st Century tools.And the audios are perfect for young people and teenagers too, set to relaxing and tranquil music that soothes them as they glide into a peaceful zone to absorb positive messages which will enable change.

Without getting too technical here, we utilized a technology called Brainwave Entrainment, that allows the brainwaves of our mind to become calm and focused and easily enter a receptive state. ('Easy' being the key here!)

It’s a technology that has been around for over 70 years now, but modern advances have really turbo charged its effectiveness and usefulness.

The main benefit is we can reach the relaxed mind state of a Zen Buddhist … just in a matter of minutes, not days!

The technology uses neural stimulation which allows us to do that.

When the mind is relaxed, we can offer suggestions which indelibly etch into it images of a healthy, well-adjusted, happy individual, with high self-esteem, that no longer needs to turn to self-harm any more.


What we’re doing is a form of self-programming, and using it to bring about dramatic changes in thought patterns, emotions and behavior.

In this relaxed state, one becomes more open to accepting suggestions and change.

When relaxed and in this receptive zone, we can make suggestions that bypass mental and emotional barriers that would normally make the mind resistant to change.

This way affirmations and suggestions become much more effective.

Self-programming uses forms of self-hypnosis and positive affirmations, relaxation and meditation all working synergistically together, to effectively achieve the desired behavioural change.

They stimulate the brain to achieve lasting personal change using advanced neural stimulation.

The Goal?


To Make Positive Changes To Your Life,
Letting Go Of Your Emotional Hurt…
And Stop Harming Yourself.

And the best part is …. the programs I have developed for you, DO ALL THE HARD WORK.

All the self-harming person had to do is… sit back and listen and let their mind be re-programmed with beneficial information!

Now It Can’t Be Easier
Than That, Can It??

I am offering these 4 audio sessions and my ebook as all part of one incredibly useful offer to you.

If You Want To Stop Someone Self-Harming…

You will DEFINITELY want to get these 4 audio presentations



There’s Simply Nothing Else Like This Out There!

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I know these audio sessions will help you, or a sufferer you know, get back on the right path and start to rebuild their life.

Make NO MISTAKE, these programs have been specifically designed for people who have been involved with Self-Harm. It’s not some generic meditation program that’s being sold out there!

These useful audio sessions are Unique To Our Site Only.

Here’s what others are saying:

“Great Guided Meditation Sessions – They’re Working!”

Melanie, I these audios you have created for us really work!! We are getting a lot of success with them. Thank you so much. It took a little while but our daughter has come around to listening to these sessions. She actually enjoys them and looks forward to listening to them because they are so relaxing. They are worth their weight in GOLD to us. Thanks so much for helping us out. We are forever indebted to your efforts. Excellent book too, packed with great stuff we found very useful and didn’t know.

Sarah Jacobson


“Love the Audios”

Love the book. Love the audio MP3’s. We use them regularly with great results. Thanks heaps. I’d happily pay twice what you are asking or more!

Suzanne Waters
San Francisco

“Meditation Sessions A Big Help”

I thought I wouldn’t be able to ever stop our son from harming himself. When I saw your guided meditation sessions, I thought these would be a big help, but wondered if I could ever get my teenager to listen to them. Now I put them on at night when he goes to sleep and he loves listening to them. They relax him and he loves it. But the best part is his self-confidence has grown he has seen the light and stopped this destructive habit of self-harming. Thank you so very much.

Jeremy Halibut
New Zealand


Helping People Make Positive Changes

As a Natural Therapist and Healer – I want to help people make positive changes in their lives.

My goal is to assist people make the right choices in their lives and do whatever I can to help them reach their real potential.

This is one of my charters in being a health professional. AND I do not need to charge over-the-top prices to do so.

If I did, not as many people as I’d like would benefit.

Just imagine if one of these specific programs could help you change your life for the better. 

So will it cost a lot for everything??


But I can understand why you might think that.

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How does only $67 for the lot sound? Yep that’s all.

How Much Does It Cost To Potentially
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Here’s what you get:

“Understanding Self-Harm And How To Put A Stop To It” (e-book)
“Stopping Self Harm” – A Self Programming Mediation MP3
“Building Self-Esteem” – A Self Programming Mediation MP3
“100 Positive Affirmations For Self Confidence ” –Affirmation meditation MP3
“Relax To The Max” – Relaxation Audio Session MP3



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Yes – maybe that’s true!!

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I am going to include 5 Extra Bonuses For FREE a way of saying thanks for letting me help you (and reading this far!)

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77 Ways To Take Action, Stay Focused And Get Motivated 

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“Stopping Self Harm” – A Self Programming Mediation MP3 Value
“Building Self-Esteem” – A Self Programming Mediation MP3 Value
“100 Positive Affirmations For Self Confidence ” –Affirmation meditation MP3 Value
“Relax To The Max” – Relaxation Audio Session MP3 Value
Bonus 1 “Successfully Beat Anxiety” e-book Value
Bonus 2 “The Complete Guide To Understanding Depression” e-book Value
Bonus 3 “Focus Motivation Action” e-book Value
Bonus 4 “Boost Your Self Esteem To New Heights” e-book Value
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  • Studies have shown that once people start to self-harm, many find it hard to stop, especially without help!!
  • Self-harm often becomes a source of stress relief and can be quite addictive.
  • While self-harm may be used to help deal with serious issues at first, over time it may be used to help people deal with daily stressors.
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Please note: Some of our audio sessions use Brainwave Entrainment Audio Technology utilizing either binaural beats, isochronic tones and/or bilateral sounds – all devised for enhanced neural stimulation, to create ambience and tranquillity to calm the mind for greater acceptance of suggestions and enhanced self-programming results.

However please note when using the audios, that Brainwave Entrainment may NOT be suitable for the following people:

  • People subject to any forms of seizures or epilepsy
  • People using pacemakers
  • People suffering from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders
  • People taking stimulants, psychoactive drugs, or tranquilizers
  • Pregnant women

Order now for only $67